As fans, we've waited a long time for Stargate to return to us. Not only are there stories left untold, but there are new adventures for us to go on. But it seems as if Hollywood doesn't believe that we will support a return of our beloved franchise. So we've decided to take matters into our own hands and prove to all of the major studios that Stargate has a worldwide fanbase ready and willing to support a new show.


To accomplish this we've created a petition on that we know will get the attention of Studio Executives. In a moment we are going to ask you to be one of the 2.5 million Stargate fans to go to and sign your name to the petition. Anyone who signs the petition is saying they would support any studio or streaming service willing to back a Brad Wright produced Stargate project. Once we've gathered signatures from Stargate fans everywhere, we will include the petition and a marketing package that will be given to the heads of every studio explaining why it is morally and financially beneficial for them to partner with MGM on new Stargate.


This marketing campaign is being funded by donors and all proceeds from sales of Save The Gate apparel and hand poured metals. All apparel will have the Save the Gate design on the front with the website on the back as another way to pass the word to other stargate fans and get as many signatures on the petition as possible. Be a part of the Save the Gate Army and help us convince the studios to get new Stargate made. The time has never been better. Brad Wright is paving the way for new stargate and has been working hard hoping to convince MGM the time is right. Now it's time to help him and help ourselves.